Come With Me to the Garden

I enjoy working in my yard during these perfect Spring days. Summer is coming soon, and the unbearable Gulf Coast heat and humidity will limit my desire to do what needs to be done.

So for now, I’m enjoying the weekly changes and surprises as different flowers are in bloom, and long-forgotten plants are springing up from the ground. The ever-present weeds pop up as soon as my back is turned. The garden is never perfect. It’s always a work-in-progress.

This work is also a time of pondering and prayer. Nature holds so many lessons, doesn’t it? We image-bearers have a special connection to the dirt. (Genesis 2:7-9) Whatever our plot of responsibility might be, we have to keep at it or it will become unmanageable. (Gen. 2: 15).

This section hasn’t been tended recently.

After all, there are aggressive weeds (Gen. 3:18) and sometimes unwelcome creatures that sneak in. (Gen. 3:1) But the garden gives life. It’s hands-on. It’s a source of great satisfaction.

Walking Iris

We will visit out here again sometime and see what else is blooming.

In the meantime, I’m going to study for my next Sunday school lesson.

Shalom, Dottie

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