SIX ON SATURDAY: Slugfest and More

We can start with pretty pictures, like the top photo of two pink rain lilies. These flowers pop up intermittently after a good shower. Zephyranthes grandiflora are small bulbs that are easy to forget about, but they’re a wonderful surprise when they show up. I’ve never planted cleome (cleome hassleriana) before, and at first, I … Continue reading SIX ON SATURDAY: Slugfest and More

The Reluctant Disciple and The Homeless Woman

For many years, I called myself a Reluctant Disciple.  It’s not that I don’t love the Lord. It’s certainly not because I haven’t seen His faithfulness in my life. My walk with God has been characterized by a lot of foot-dragging. In some cases, I’ve been pulled, kicking and screaming, into His service. Just look … Continue reading The Reluctant Disciple and The Homeless Woman


I've lost something – again. It doesn't matter what the item is. The problem has interchangeable missing objects. When I don't immediately put something in its designated place, it gets stuck in the Twilight Zone. My mantra is, "I'll get back to that later." For the moment, I think the temporary holding spot makes sense, … Continue reading Lost