Warm coastal areas are a perfect environment for mold and mildew. Even the best-built buildings can have spaces where these little fungi can get a foothold and grow, despite efforts to keep them clean. But other buildings with leaky window frames, poorly sealed concrete walls, inadequate insulation, or site flooding can be eaten up with … Continue reading Holiness

Pardon My Dust

How many of you remember these two characters from comic strips of the last century? One is Pigpen from Charles Shultz’s Peanuts strip, and the other is Joe Btfsplk from Al Capp’s Li’l Abner. Pigpen was the kid who was always filthy. A swirl of dirt surrounded him everywhere he went. In fact, he was … Continue reading Pardon My Dust


I've lost something – again. It doesn't matter what the item is. The problem has interchangeable missing objects. When I don't immediately put something in its designated place, it gets stuck in the Twilight Zone. My mantra is, "I'll get back to that later." For the moment, I think the temporary holding spot makes sense, … Continue reading Lost

One Single Day

My daylilies are just beginning to bloom this season. This week I've seen two of my three varieties open up. The third may be a couple of weeks behind. Although daylilies are perennials, they don't seem to be permanent. I've had several other beautiful varieties over the years but they died out. The impermanence also … Continue reading One Single Day

Six on Saturday: The Gulf Coast’s Six Seasons

Today is Saturday, March 6. Quick! Tell me in what season we are now. Astute thinkers might ask first, “Are you speaking of the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere?” Ok. That does make a difference, but I’m in the northern hemisphere. The discerning reader might note that although the vernal equinox won’t be here for … Continue reading Six on Saturday: The Gulf Coast’s Six Seasons