Saturday Six Pix

Pardon me, while I make some adjustments to my blog schedule. I'm going to shift my Monday blog to Tuesday and do a less wordy Saturday blog. As always, I reserve the right to change my mind. 🙂 As you'll see today, there are six pictures with some captions or brief explainations. There's lots to … Continue reading Saturday Six Pix

Outdoor Art

Today’s post has few words – mostly photos. Artists leave their mark, and patrons make sure it can be shared with the community. Art adds beauty, delight, and a moment to pause, if you take advantage of stopping to notice. Here are some examples of work by artists along the Gulf Coast. All of these … Continue reading Outdoor Art

Information Overload

Some people have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It becomes a life-long pursuit of their passions – well, those from the neck-up, anyway. Information, inspiration, revelation - something new to feed the mind and soul. Perhaps you are in this category. Why would you be reading somebody’s blog, otherwise? I am one of those people … Continue reading Information Overload

For All The Saints

UMC Hymnal #711 - Author William How. Churches in the mainline and those with more liturgical styles recognize All Saints Day on the Christian calendar. It’s officially November 1 but celebrated in worship on the first Sunday of November. For those who don’t follow this cycle of identifying special days during the year, you might … Continue reading For All The Saints

Homecoming and Sukkot

Fall means Homecoming for many high schools and colleges. It’s time for football games that present the Homecoming Court with the King, Queen, and attendants. Small towns have parades, and students have been happy to escape classes to decorate floats with this year’s theme. The community turns out to watch their children ride the floats, … Continue reading Homecoming and Sukkot

Lives of Desperation

Nobody checks themselves into a mental health facility just for the fun of it. Desperation is usually the motivation. For several years, I was a therapist for a partial hospitalization program. Many of the patients were middle aged adults who were in desperate situations. Our partial program served people who had dual diagnoses of mental … Continue reading Lives of Desperation

The Sun Also Rises

Daily. Quotidian. Every day. Diurnal. Day-to-day. How can a person be exposed to something every morning of their lives and pay so little attention to it? In my lifetime, I’ve had opportunity to witness over 24,000 sunrises. Not that I’ve seen that many. Only a few are truly memorable. Those years when sleeping late was … Continue reading The Sun Also Rises

Dry Creek Beds

On a recent visit to a lovely urban park, filled with dozens of bronze statues, I saw this artificial creek, used as a setting for one of the art pieces. Varying sizes of rocks are placed to show the meandering pattern of a stream. It ended in an area of lush grass that I, unfortunately … Continue reading Dry Creek Beds

Change of Seasons

September is finally here, as we begin the last third of 2019.  I won’t keep you long today, since it’s a holiday – Monday, September 2. Labor Day. You could say this day begins the “holiday season.” From now until the end of the year, it’s one holiday after another. Store shelves are displaying fall … Continue reading Change of Seasons