Alabama, Sweet Home

“My home’s in Alabama, no matter where I lay my head. My home’s in Alabama, Southern born and Southern bred.”  (Songwriters: Randy Owen & Teddy Gentry – Recorded by Alabama, 1980) This year (2019) is my state’s Bicentennial, with events from the Gulf of Mexico to the Tennessee River, commemorating Alabama’s 200 years of statehood. … Continue reading Alabama, Sweet Home

Pick Up The Book

Exclusive use of an on-line Bible is like seeing the world through a porthole. Despite the convenience and variety of translations, there are limitations to those phone-y Bibles. For a quick look-up or if I’m killing time in a waiting room, I’m grateful that technology puts instant access to the Scriptures at my fingertips.  But … Continue reading Pick Up The Book

Another Incident

(NOTE:  I have edited this post several times to remove what may have been considered objectionable content.  I am appalled by the violence we see daily, but primarily see it as a spiritual issue.  Please read further for more explaination.) Did you know that another school shooting occurred yesterday? Of course we are saddened and … Continue reading Another Incident