Pardon My Dust

How many of you remember these two characters from comic strips of the last century? One is Pigpen from Charles Shultz’s Peanuts strip, and the other is Joe Btfsplk from Al Capp’s Li’l Abner. Pigpen was the kid who was always filthy. A swirl of dirt surrounded him everywhere he went. In fact, he was … Continue reading Pardon My Dust


I've lost something – again. It doesn't matter what the item is. The problem has interchangeable missing objects. When I don't immediately put something in its designated place, it gets stuck in the Twilight Zone. My mantra is, "I'll get back to that later." For the moment, I think the temporary holding spot makes sense, … Continue reading Lost

One Single Day

My daylilies are just beginning to bloom this season. This week I've seen two of my three varieties open up. The third may be a couple of weeks behind. Although daylilies are perennials, they don't seem to be permanent. I've had several other beautiful varieties over the years but they died out. The impermanence also … Continue reading One Single Day

Time Capsule

A recent newspaper article described a local high school celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. This year’s senior class dug up the time capsule left by the first graduating class in 1971. It contained various items those teens thought would be interesting or important for a future generation to know about their life and times. Fifty years … Continue reading Time Capsule

Joyful Pruning

My garden is requiring a lot of my attention lately, and that’s fine with me. Spring clean-up can either be a chore or a joy, depending on my attitude. This year, I’m finding most of the tasks to be a joyful process. One task I’m enjoying is pruning the hydrangeas, roses, and a few other … Continue reading Joyful Pruning

Six on Saturday: The Gulf Coast’s Six Seasons

Today is Saturday, March 6. Quick! Tell me in what season we are now. Astute thinkers might ask first, “Are you speaking of the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere?” Ok. That does make a difference, but I’m in the northern hemisphere. The discerning reader might note that although the vernal equinox won’t be here for … Continue reading Six on Saturday: The Gulf Coast’s Six Seasons


I’ve got nothing today. I usually write these blog posts on Monday, which gives me some time to polish them up a bit. Sometimes a bright idea strikes me over the weekend, but nothing has inspired me for today’s post. If I were a church sign, I’d be blank this week since I’ve got nothing … Continue reading Perfectionism

Black History Month: Hidden History

During the years that I worked as an elementary school counselor for a Mississippi school district, I attended many Black History Month programs.  The community was 70% African-American. Year after year, the same handful of famous faces were highlighted in presentations, on bulletin boards, and for student writing assignments. Don’t get me wrong, I learned … Continue reading Black History Month: Hidden History

No Excuses

The formative years of my teens and twenties were the late 1960s through the 70s. Those were turbulent times that pulled the foundations out from under many of our solid institutions. The music and movies shouted the changing values and lodged earworms into my young brain. I must admit to a lot of confusion during … Continue reading No Excuses

Heart Trouble

This is the week before Valentine's Day, February 14th. Many (mostly women and children) love this holiday, while others (mostly men) seem to hate it. I am kind of partial toward that date since it's my birthday. Lovelady is my maiden name, and I was born on Valentine's Day. Stores use red and pink hearts … Continue reading Heart Trouble

Zion Remains

When you exit our little cul-de-sac and turn right onto the county road, you won’t go far before coming to an intersection. For a long time it was a four-way stop, but a traffic light was installed there a couple of years ago. Another right turn takes you to all the civilization and commerce you … Continue reading Zion Remains

Six by Six on Saturday: Camellias

Thirty years ago, I was Wesley Foundation Director for the United Methodist campus ministry at the University of South Alabama. Since 1913, Methodists have served students at many state universities across the United States, Canada, and the U.K. Of course, many other denominations and para-church organizations have campus outreach as well. I have fond memories … Continue reading Six by Six on Saturday: Camellias


What a strange time we’re living in. Each week seems to bring its own set of uncertainties. I’ve lived long enough and studied history enough to know that every era brings unique challenges to those born into their times. But you and I are living in this day, brought into this world “for such a … Continue reading Disequilibrium

How is Your Vision?

The year 2020 has been far from perfect. In fact, it has been far from “normal,” whatever that means. So is that number mocking us? Does it show us that we can’t see squat, and we don’t even realize it?

Angels From the Realms of Glory

No doubt, angels are essential characters for advancing the Christmas story. Beginning with an angel’s appearance in the temple to Zechariah, the priest, and Gabriel’s announcement to Mary about her impending pregnancy, God’s messengers (malakim in Hebrew) played crucial roles. Just to refresh our memory, they also spoke to Joseph to reassure and then again … Continue reading Angels From the Realms of Glory