Choose Your Fuel

Social media is primarily skewed by our own choices. We pick who we follow. We can block or mute those who follow us, who seem to put out objectional content. I'm glad that's an option. I do follow some people whose opinions and worldviews are different from mine. I've got several reasons for doing that, … Continue reading Choose Your Fuel

In Stages

My dentist found a cracked tooth the other day. That's a first for me, and I'd say that's pretty good for a person my age.  As I wait for him to install the permanent crown, I'm very aware of the temporary's alien presence in my mouth. I've never had a crown either. The process is … Continue reading In Stages

Valentine’s Day: What Love Is This?

Ebenezer Scrooge is famous for responding to others' greeting of “Merry Christmas,” with his trademark, “Bah! Humbug!” Many people feel this way about Valentine’s Day. I get it, with our cultural commercialization and high-pressure focus on an idealized romantic love. But, far be it from me to throw cold water on this holiday. After all, … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: What Love Is This?

Are You a Carrier?

Infectious diseases can be scary, especially one that’s new and has no vaccination. When illnesses are introduced into a population that hasn’t built up an immunity, it can spread rapidly, becoming an epidemic. You never know if you’re standing next to a carrier in a public place. Early Christianity spread like an epidemic. When Paul’s … Continue reading Are You a Carrier?

Six Pix on Saturday: The Lazy Gardener’s Approach to Weeds

I have a high tolerance for weeds. That’s not a good thing. Any diligent gardener knows it’s a never-ending war. You must stay on top of the battles, or the weeds will take over your territory. Never mind the excuses. Wild things don’t care. If you aren’t there to eradicate them, they continue to grow … Continue reading Six Pix on Saturday: The Lazy Gardener’s Approach to Weeds

Turn Turn Turn

As 2019 comes to a close, I'm thinking about cycles. Not the kind you ride, although I could make a case for them fitting into this theme. Cycles are phases that come full circle. They are revolving eras or a succession of expected markers in time. They are patterns. Cycles may be repeating events. They … Continue reading Turn Turn Turn

Saturday Six Pix

Pardon me, while I make some adjustments to my blog schedule. I'm going to shift my Monday blog to Tuesday and do a less wordy Saturday blog. As always, I reserve the right to change my mind. 🙂 As you'll see today, there are six pictures with some captions or brief explainations. There's lots to … Continue reading Saturday Six Pix

Outdoor Art

Today’s post has few words – mostly photos. Artists leave their mark, and patrons make sure it can be shared with the community. Art adds beauty, delight, and a moment to pause, if you take advantage of stopping to notice. Here are some examples of work by artists along the Gulf Coast. All of these … Continue reading Outdoor Art

Thy Kingdom Come

How much do you think about the Kingdom of God? What’s your understanding about the Kingdom of God?  It is another one of those theological concepts where all of Christendom is not of one mind. My heart overflows with a pleasing theme; I address my verses to the king; my tongue is like the pen … Continue reading Thy Kingdom Come

Information Overload

Some people have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It becomes a life-long pursuit of their passions – well, those from the neck-up, anyway. Information, inspiration, revelation - something new to feed the mind and soul. Perhaps you are in this category. Why would you be reading somebody’s blog, otherwise? I am one of those people … Continue reading Information Overload

For All The Saints

UMC Hymnal #711 - Author William How. Churches in the mainline and those with more liturgical styles recognize All Saints Day on the Christian calendar. It’s officially November 1 but celebrated in worship on the first Sunday of November. For those who don’t follow this cycle of identifying special days during the year, you might … Continue reading For All The Saints