Pilgrims’ Landing 400th Anniversary

This month marks the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing in Massachusetts. I’m sure the Coronavirus curtailed the many celebrations that were planned for 2020. With all the overshadowing goings-on of this crazy year, I’ve seen very little acknowledgment of this critical foundational event in our nation’s history. You can read the details of these … Continue reading Pilgrims’ Landing 400th Anniversary

Six On Saturday: Grasses, Not Just Lawns

Let’s take a look at some grasses today. By no means is this an overlooked category in the garden. Whether we are talking about beautiful lawns or ornamental species, the right or wrong selection of grass can make a big difference. It can also add interest with textures and colors. Although many environmentalists discourage traditional … Continue reading Six On Saturday: Grasses, Not Just Lawns

Can I brag a little?

Among my many disappointments during this Coronavirus pandemic, the Blue Lake Christian Writers’ Retreat for 2020 was cancelled. For the past several years, it has been instrumental in moving me along in my writing journey. Our director Marilyn Turk and our leadership team for the retreat inaugurated the Living Water Awards contest in 2019. I … Continue reading Can I brag a little?