A Little Fluff About The Garden

Crepe myrtles are everywhere in my part of the country.

Many homeowners, as well as businesses, choose this small tree for mid to late summer color in their landscapes. It’s a favorite for boulevard medians and park areas. Their fluffy flower clusters put on a brilliant show all around town.

The collage above was made from pictures I took when I was out doing errands last week. I wanted to catch that watermellon red and soft pink. There are many other shades of this lovely plant: deep vivid reds, several hues of purple, as well as white.

I only have two types of crepe myrtles in my yard. I would like more, but just haven’t gotten around to buying and planting them.

I have a small crepe myrtle called “Prairie Lace.” It’s a lovely deep pink with white lacy edges.

I have a couple of “Natchez” that grow really tall. They start blooming a little later than many varieties, but I love their big white blossom clusters high above everything else in that part of the yard. I also love the slender multi-trunks and smooth bark.

Natchez also seems to bloom into the fall later than other crepe myrtles.

That’s it for this Monday post.

In the title, I said it was fluff. No scripture today. No heavy lesson. I won’t even get into the controversy about pruning or not pruning crepe myrtles. We have enough controversy in the news, don’t we?

Today, I’m just sharing what I see around me in this wonderful world we live in.

Have a good week, and Shalom. Dottie

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