Time to Lighten Up

After several serious blog posts, we’ll return to the garden today to feed the birds. It’s live entertainment in your own backyard.

I know this is a typical “old people” thing, but we weren’t that old when we started this hobby.

My husband and I started doing this about thirty years ago and have made an investment to provide a habitat that’s inviting to a variety of birds. Squirrels and other wildlife are welcome too.

Admittedly, we don’t always maintain the same consistency of attention out there. Life happens. We get busy. The birds say, “What the heck happened? Where’s dinner?”

I do that same thing in the kitchen, when I get tired of cooking. It’s feast or famine. Well, not really. Take out options are always up the road.

And the birds have plenty of seeds, bugs and berries to tide them over until we get around to filling the feeders again.

Shalom, Dottie

2 thoughts on “Time to Lighten Up

  1. Just taking the time to think of things like feeding the birds in the back yard takes us all back to a quieter, and yes “better” time. Reminds me of those moments long ago when we, with our neighbors would sit on the porch not doing much but slowing down to enjoy the day and each other. Thanks, Dottie, very beautiful.


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