Three Sheets in the Wind

Someone hung up white sheets at several locations in my community. Each one was spray painted with the same message: “God is Real.” I saw three of them, but there could have been more. Those just happened to be on the roads I frequently use.

The one on a church playground fence seemed logical enough, but the other two seemed to be in pretty random spots. Maybe that’s just where they were able to get permission to display the signs.

But they stayed there for months. I took this picture of one before it finally was torn to shreds by a storm. The rotted and tattered remains stayed up awhile longer, but now, have been removed.

It reminded me of the movie “Oh God, Book Two.” George Burns, as God, wanted a little girl to spread His message, so she put up signs all around her town saying, “Think God.” I had to look this up, since I didn’t remember any details about the movie, or what her signs said, but after all, it was almost three decades ago.  I did remember that George Burns, as God, chose someone to try to call attention to the fact that he still exists. (Sadly, Mr. Burns does not, but he did live to be 100.)

What motivated some person, or some group to put up “God is Real” signs? Was their evangelism goal met? How would they measure their success? They didn’t let us know who they were or how to contact them. They didn’t advertise their church or when their services are held. Was anyone offended by these home-made attention-getters letting them know that somebody believes in a Supreme Being who rules the universe?

I know God is real. I liked seeing those sheets flapping in the breeze, calling my attention back to what’s really real, as I was trying to get to my destination. It just seemed so odd.

Maybe they were called to do it. Maybe they saw that movie. Maybe it grew out of a time of prayer when they were telling the Lord they would serve Him anyway He wanted. Maybe He said,

“…and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” – Acts 1: 8b

My community is at the end of the earth. Yours is too.

In a time when witnessing has fallen out of favor, the Lord needs creative people who find ways to get the word out. He is Real.

Maybe that was the first pebble in somebody’s shoe that irritated them enough to pursue that truth further. If it got their attention, somebody else could take it up from there. I can take it up from there. Can you?

Lord, send us all out to be your witnesses, in our own little end of the earth.

Shalom, Dottie

2 thoughts on “Three Sheets in the Wind

  1. Not sure why this took three tries to work, but your article was worth the effort Ms. Dottie. Great post ma’am. I think we are, and should be, the greatest banner for God’s glory. When people see us in the world, I pray they see more of God and less of the world in the way we speak, the way we act, and the things we do. It’s sad to say, but morals, integrity, and kindness have become rare traits to find in people these days. When we do, like when I read your words ma’am, the world takes notice. Does this invite Satan to throw more fiery darts? You bet! But then again, we know how the story ends don’t we ma’am. Loved this post!

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  2. Thank you, J.D. You are such a gentleman.
    Our witness should be in keeping with the Lord’s character, but, as you say, it is often a witness of the world. I love how Mississippi’s bishop James Swanson said, “Then the ME in me rose up and said…” The old me, indeed.
    I like “I think we are, and should be, the greatest banner for God’s glory.” Yes.
    Song of Solomon 2:4 – “He brought me to his banqueting house/table. And his banner over me was love.”
    I appreciate your tenacious effort to add a comment here.
    Blessings, Dottie


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