Dry Creek Beds

On a recent visit to a lovely urban park, filled with dozens of bronze statues, I saw this artificial creek, used as a setting for one of the art pieces. Varying sizes of rocks are placed to show the meandering pattern of a stream. It ended in an area of lush grass that I, unfortunately discovered was really mushy and wet. As I wiped the mud from my sneakers, I saw the origin of the artificial creek was a large concrete drain pipe. I wish I’d noticed that before venturing across the field. I might have stayed on the walkway.

In the movie Finding Nemo, Gil (the angelfish) says, “All drains lead to the ocean.” It’s a romantic thought that served its purpose well in the movie, but technically not true. I’m afraid if Nemo and friends had followed the drain I saw, they would have died on the rocks of a dry creek bed or flopped around in the muddy grass in front of a bronze boy with a fishing pole.

There’s a creek bed at the back of our property. Sometimes it has water and sometimes it doesn’t.

“All maxims we hear are not equally true.” I might have just made that one up.

It goes along with “All that glitters is not gold,” and “Don’t believe everything you hear/see.” Sometimes we hear ideas that “don’t hold water.” It’s easy to be fooled.

I don’t want to drink straight out of a drain pipe. I hardly drink water from indoor faucets anymore, much less swimming pool water, or from a stagnant pond.

I’m looking for clean, pure, living water. You know, I’m speaking spiritually now. My spiritual thirst has taken me to plenty of dried up creek beds. I’ve found some fountains that just recycle the same water over and over. I’ve had a sip or two from a full-on garden hose and many times had to suck it up through one of those survival filters so I would’t get sick.

“For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, And hewn themselves cisterns—broken cisterns that can hold no water. -Jeremiah 2:13

Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.” -John 4:10

On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” -John 7:37-38

He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper. -Psalm 1:3

for the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will shepherd them and lead them to living fountains of waters. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” -Revelation 7:17

Give me Yeshua, our salvation – our living water. He is our righteousness.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled. -Matthew 5:6

Deliver me from dry creek beds.

Shalom, Dottie

4 thoughts on “Dry Creek Beds

  1. Well said author! Perhaps the greatest words we can remember were from Christ, during perhaps His moment of the most “spiritual dryness” during His Crucifixion. He said “I thirst…” If only we would remember these words in our prayers to Him, He would quench us as no one or no thing every can. God’s blessings ma’am.


  2. I have to admit, I’d forgotten about Matthew 5:6. It speaks volumes for those of us who yearn for more guidance to our calling He has for our lives. I also love your writing style in general. Please keep writing your blog, because your introspection being transferred to the screen is so very much what we all need to read about. That’s basically how my blog delivers as well. We can go to a Sunday sermon and gather insight, but it’s so much more relatable if we learn these new things about ourselves by reading how it’s personally affected or impacted other’s lives firsthand. Thank you, Dottie. I’m so glad I found your blog tonight!

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  3. Thanks so much for your kind words. I always appreciate feedback. I just started this in earnest in May, so I’m always surprised that anyone finds me. May I ask how you found this site? All I do on social media is WordPress and Twitter. (FB suspended my account before I finished registering.) Anyway, I’m glad you’re here. I usually post every Monday and then once more later in the week.


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