Six on Saturday: Walk Around the Yard 2.15.2020

As the sun was just coming up through the trees, I walked around the yard this morning. I’m sure most of you gardeners do the same thing. Every day there’s something new to see, if you look closely enough.

My little camellia shrub is blooming profusely now, but mainly around the middle. I planted it about three years ago, so it’s a young plant. They seem to be slow growers, so I look forward to how it grows into maturity.

My pictures of spiderwort don’t do justice to the color. They look blue here, but I have several shades of purple. It’s an aggressive weed. I’ve tried to dig it up, but the root tendrls only need to leave a tiny sliver to sprout again. And I have to admit, I find it pretty in the spring. I love the healthy, green, strappy foliage and the vibrant color. One advantage is, it dies out pretty quickly in the heat. I just have to keep my husband from whacking it with the weed eater until after it blooms.

In this picture, the violets are blue, but they look purple in the yard. The moist area in the back has the tiny white kind too. They’re not terribly aggressive, so I usually leave them alone.

It looks like I’ll have plenty of blueberries this year.

I’m starting to lose interest in the annuals that have been in the beds for several month. I’m ready to go see what the garden centers are offering now.

The real show is about to begin. I probably have over 25 azaleas in my front and back yard. Most seem to be loaded with buds, and the early ones are beginning to bloom now. This is an Indica named Pink Ruffles.

“For you, O LORD, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands I sing for joy.” -Psalm 92:4

Ok, I showed seven pictures today. Writers know it’s hard to kill your darlings.

Shalom, Dottie

This series was inspired by @cavershamjj The Propagator. His blog is:

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