Six On Saturday: Best Buds

We all love the idea of potential. Whether it’s the dream of a starry eyed girl looking at her future husband, or when we are buying a “fixer upper” house, the hope of what will be is a motivator. I see early spring buds in the garden like that. It’s that “almost” stage before the big showing.

The first picture above is from our crabapple tree out front. There are a few blooms now, but it’s mostly still covered in buds. It will be a spectacular display pretty soon. For about two weeks out of the year, we love this tree. But, for several months in fall and winter, we hate it. The small, inedible crabapples start to fall from the tree and rot on the ground for weeks. We shouldn’t have planted it so near the entry sidewalk to the house. If we don’t clean the sidewalk every day, we track the squished fruit into the house and make a mess on the floor.

Yes, birds eat them, but there are so many that they last all winter. Finally, the cedar waxwings migrate in January or early February and cover the tree, cleaning it up in a couple of days. We keep talking about cutting it down. In the meantime, it will be beautiful again this year.

These fuzzy brown buds are on the banana shrub. It’s purely ornamental, so no fruit, and no relation to the other kind of banana. However, when it blooms, the lovely scent of bananas will fill this corner of the garden.

The redtop shrubs are just starting to put on buds, so the flowers won’t show for another couple of months. My husband’s brother owned the house before we bought it from him in 1985. He planted a dozen of these in a row at the east property line in the early 1980s. Most have died out now, and the others may follow suit. The new growth’s red leaves are pretty, and the spring blooms are nice, but I have no particular affinity for these shrubs.

This Pride of Mobile azalea is lagging behind the other backyard azaleas and will be in full bloom a little later. Right now, these buds are just starting to swell. I love the two-toned pink color.

My white azaleas in the back are starting to bloom. The buds show a little brown from being nipped by freezing temps not long ago. They’re okay and will be pretty when they’re all opened up.

Finally, the Formosa azaleas, which may be my favorite, are starting to bloom and are covered in buds. This is a rich, deep fuschia.

That’s my six for this week. It’s all great potential for a beautiful spring.

I want to acknowledge The Propagator who started this gardening Six on Saturday series. His Twitter is @cavershamjj

and his blog site is:

Shalom, Dottie

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