Six on Saturday Mid-April Blooms

I’m grateful to have a nice sized yard with interesting textures, foliage, and flowering plants to keep me from being bored in this time of social isolation. I don’t need much to keep me entertained. Every new day brings something different.

Let’s start this week’s post with Oakleaf Hydrangea. The panicles are just starting to open, but I couldn’t wait to show them off. My mother loved these shrubs.

Help me say goodbye to the pansies and violas. They’re dying out with the rising heat, but they’ve done a great job brightening up many corners of the garden for the past six months. It’s time to replace them, but I haven’t ventured out to the garden centers for new annuals. I’m being an obedient citizen, since I’m in the high risk senior age category.

I’ve enjoyed the blue flowers that shoot up from the ajuga over the past couple of weeks. Some people know this as carpet bugleweed. It’s a great plant to tuck into bare spots as a ground cover.

These hardy gladiolas have popped out recently too. I’ve got them scattered about the front and back yards, but I need to put some thought into moving some into places where they would make a better display.

The tall legustrums that help shade my garden room are beginning to bloom. Some people don’t like the strong fragrance, but I love it. It’s a scent that reminds me of my childhood.

Finally, my english dogwoods are doing so well this year. I think these have the botanical name philadelphus. I’d like to put two more in a couple of spots in the back garden. I like the fountain effect of the branches, the reddish stems, the height, and of course, these lovely white blossoms.

Have a good week, everyone, and stay well. The Lord bless and keep you.

Shalom, Dottie

Don’t forget to check out The Propagator’s blog, also at WordPress, and his Twitter feed @Cavershamjj where he shares other gardener’s work also.

2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday Mid-April Blooms

  1. I love the vibrant colors of buggleweed Ms. Dottie; and love how you teach me so much about flowers and gardens I don’t know. I spend so much time tending pastures and livestock that my flower gardens stand bare yet again this year. With all the rain we’ve been getting, I’m growing weeds more than anything else. 🙂 God’s blessings ma’am; and Happy Easter.

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  2. Ha! I have my share of weeds too! You can’t eat flowers- well not too many of them, but your ranch helps feed folks. I’d say cattle is a lot more practical than a few flowers. Thanks for all you share. Y’all have a blessed Resurrection Day.


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