Can I brag a little?

Among my many disappointments during this Coronavirus pandemic, the Blue Lake Christian Writers’ Retreat for 2020 was cancelled. For the past several years, it has been instrumental in moving me along in my writing journey.

Our director Marilyn Turk and our leadership team for the retreat inaugurated the Living Water Awards contest in 2019. I didn’t submit anything that first year, but in anticipation of this year’s March conference, I submitted my entries back in February.

According to Alice Murray, contest coordinator:

“While BLCWR 2020 was a casualty of COVID-19, its writing contest survived. A record number of entries were received for an expanded number of categories…Faculty members scheduled to present at BLCWR 2020 gave of their time and expertise to identify the top entries in their assigned categories. Virtual drum roll for the 2020 Living Water Award winners they selected:”

If you’ll pardon this shameless self-promotion, I won First Place in the Bible Study category. Yea! I’m so happy and honored to be selected. My thanks to the judges who spent time reading entries and selecting all the winners.

The title of my Bible Study entry is “Reluctant Disciples, Becoming Faithful Followers.” After submitting the outline, plus the first 1,000 words, I guess I should finish writing this six-week study and pitch it for publication.

I also received Honorable Mention in the Children’s Picture Book category. It’s called “In the Middle,” as told by a child whose parents are now divorced. It is meant to be a book that either counselors or parents read with a child of divorce to discuss their feelings and struggles. The whole text was submitted, so now it needs an illustrator and publisher.

I suppose I can now truthfully say, “I’m an award-winning writer.” It’s those next steps that I seem to trip over.

To see the names of other Living Water Award contest winners, please check out the web page:

Thanks for indulging me this little bit of bragging. This has been a very difficult spring and summer for many reasons. Winning a section of this contest is one nice, bright, spot of happiness for me.

I just had to share it with the world.

Shalom, Dottie

17 thoughts on “Can I brag a little?

  1. Congratulations, Dottie! This would have been my first year at Blue Lake and I was really looking forward to it. Like you, I am disappointed Coronavirus got in the way of that happening. Also like you, I am a Living Waters First Place Award winner for my Young Adult novel, “No easy Choice”, about the 1918 Spanish Influenza set in rural Kentucky. Best wishes for publishing your award winners. Perhaps we’ll have the opportunity to meet at Blue Lake next year.

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  2. Congratulations! This is fantastic news. God is always working even when important events get cancelled. It won’t stop Him and the good He wants for His kids. So, celebrate and enjoy such wonderful news. It’s a precious blessing from the Lord. I’m looking forward to your Bible study. Sounds like a good one. I’m celebrating with you Dottie!

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  3. How wonderful, Dottie! You deserve bragging rights! Yes, your Bible Study and children’s book should definitely be finished and published. I’m so glad I can say I know an award-winning author! I think more wonderful experiences are in store for you!

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  4. Am so very excited, proud of, and happy for you Ms. Dottie. Well done author! I pray you’ll finish your award-winning efforts and pass your blessings along to all who read them. Congratulations Ms. Dottie. If feels good to be recognized by your peers doesn’t it my friend? And by the way, it’s not bragging, it’s giving glory to God for the gifts He has blessed your life with my friend.

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