Six On Saturday: Life Goes On

October still has cheery flowers in the garden, since our warm weather persists late into fall. In spite of hurricane winds, these variagated lantana play well with pink Encore azaleas in my southwest corner.

If I pull back from the close up, you can see the same corner in a before and after shot. The one on the left was taken in July. The one on the right is our view after Hurricane Sally in August, a little over three weeks ago.

I tend to be a big-picture person and prefer to leave the details to others who are better suited to minutiae. But when the grand scope of my backyard looks so battered, I’m finding things like this beautyberry shrub with its bright purple clusters to be a lovely distraction.

Pink and white impatience are still adding some color in their areas. I didn’t plant the beautyberry, and I didn’t plant either of these impatience. The seeds happened to find suitable spots to volunteer, so I’m letting them do their thing.

Serendipity is sometimes defined as a happy accident.

I did plant this mexican heather a few years ago. They continue to do well, filling in some space that needed low growing perennials. The tiny white or purple individual flowers are hardly noticeable, but together, they cover the plants to give subtle color and interest.

Isn’t that just like us, who belong to the Body of Messiah? Individually, we may feel unnoticed, helpless, or even of little value. But we all bloom where we are planted. We have our growing season and our turn to offer all we are and all we have. We need each other to spur us on and lift us up.We produce fruit and spread seed. The Body needs us, just as our human bodies need each limb and organ. And we need the rest of the Body as well.

Teacher Bill Cloud says one of the meanings of the Hebrew word “tov”, (usually translated “good”), is “when something is functioning in its purpose.” All through Genesis 1, we see that God created everything to function in its purpose and called it “good/tov.”

May we all be faithful servants who function in our purpose!

This blue salvia was looking bedraggled during the hottest weeks of summer, but it seems to have gotten a second wind. These lovely spikes are showing up better now than they have all season.

I think I’m finally catching my breath and getting a second wind.

Have a great week, friends.

Shalom to you all.


9 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Life Goes On

  1. I always loved the beautyberry when it bloomed at the river! I didn’t realize just how much you lost to Sally’s force until I saw your before/after pictures. What a huge difference! God bless you both, Dottie.

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