Six On Saturday: Autumn Leaves

On this gray day in late autumn, when the Thanksgiving leftovers aren’t yet finished, and Christmas decorations are still in the attic, we are sort of in limbo. That’s not a bad thing when a pause is needed.

Catch your breath today. Do only what’s absolutely necessary before the whirlwind activities for the next festivities begin. Maybe take a listen to jazz singer Eva Cassidy singing Autumn Leaves. You can find several versions online. I like the acoustic version, but they’re all good. She died in 1996 too young at age 33.

If that’s too much of a downer for you, maybe you can take a walk and find the last vestiges of bright fall colors in the trees. I’ll show you the leaves from my area.

A few weeks ago on this blog, I noted that here on the Gulf Coast, the predominate color for autumn is still green. After two late hurricanes, we are mostly green and brown now. Many trees were blown down and denuded, however, there are a few spots of color if you look hard enough.

The ubiquitous water oak leaves just turn brown and fall off every year. But hey, brown is a fall color, right? I’ll spare you the Mamas and the Papas California Dreamin’: “All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray…”

Our ornamental crabapple tree in the front yard usually has some pretty leaves showing red, yellow and orange, but this year it’s mostly brown.

Here’s a little color from one of my blueberry shrubs. Two blueberries were stripped of leaves when one of the storms hit us.

I took this picture last year of bright orange crepe myrtles in someone else’s yard. Mine lost all their leaves with the storms, but they never look this colorful anyway.

Some people and businesses plant ornamental red maples for good fall color. They didn’t disappoint us this year. I took these pictures last week.

Finally, I always look forward to passing this golden ginko tree on my way to more civilized areas of our county. It hasn’t completely turned this bright yet, but probably will in a couple of weeks. Notice all the green behind it.

The beauty of God’s creation is everywhere, and shouts its message in cycles of life, fruitfulness, decline, death, and renewal/resurrection. Thanks be to God!

Shalom, Dottie

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