Six On Saturday: Sixth of February 2021

After having a few themed Saturday posts, (Pansies, Camellias, Salad Greens, and Berries found in my Archives), I decided to show you some random pictures of this week’s garden. That’s what life is made of, right? Seemingly random elements somehow become the ingredients that make up the whole of your life. It doesn’t always make sense, but is what it is.

Today is a drizzly day that may not climb out of the upper 40s F.

We had a couple of frosty mornings this week, and I saw ice crystals on the broccoli. If this were collards, they would benefit from some frost, but I don’t think it mattered either way for these florets. I’m almost ready to harvest them for a salad or stir-fry. Like most deadheading, pinching them off will stimulate more growth.

Buds cover my Crimson King camellia and should be opening in the next week or two. Because it is a late bloomer, it just builds the anticipation. I’ve been so pleased with this beauty’s presentation.

Bulb foliage is pushing up here and there. The placement of many of these bulbs seems pretty random. I’ve forgotten what some of them are, so I look forward to being surprised again. (One of the benefits of old age.) Perhaps if I made consistent notes in the garden journal, I could use the information better.

I am distressed about an area near my garden room. Last spring, I noticed a Japanese quince had died. Then in the summer, I realized a tall ligustrum was dead. In the same area, I watched one of my large Indica azaleas slowly lose leaves all summer and then another azalea next to it. I hope those will be the only casualties, but I don’t know what has caused it. These losses have opened up a big area back there, so my garden room isn’t hidden anymore. I’m hesitant to plant new shrubs until I know what happened.

I planted four forsythia shrubs decades ago, all of them in the wrong places for various reasons.  In each case, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ve also learned that they don’t perform as well in south Alabama as they do in places further north. They aren’t serving the purposes that they were intended to serve. So I’m considering digging them up and replacing them with something more suitable. Although my mother brought these to me from her garden, I can’t get sentimental about this. If they aren’t functioning in their purpose after all this time, I should get rid of them. I think I’ve given them a fair shot.

Finally, sweet alyssum is an annual that fares very well through the cool temperatures of our winters. I love its honey-like scent and mounds of multiple blossoms. I always wish I’d bought a few more of these plants in the fall.

That’s my six. A garden is never static. It’s not set in stone since it is a living thing that changes, grows, dies, and renews. I tend and observe; I plan and purchase. I work and rest out there and enjoy the little patch of God’s creation that’s mine for a while.

The Propagator, ( @cavershamjj on Twitter) started Six on Saturday. It’s a fun challenge to participate (almost) every week. Check out his blog: The Propagator – My plant obsession (

Shalom, Dottie

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