Six on Saturday: New Growth

Walking around my garden on these early March mornings is an adventure in discovery. New growth is sprouting everywhere.

Our ornamental crabapple is in full bloom and making a spectacular show in our front yard. It’s the first thing anyone sees when they turn down our street. This year’s blossoms seem to be lasting longer than they usually do. Must be because of the cooler weather.

The blueberry shrubs are blooming too. This looks like it will be a very productive year.

The new growth on my oakleaf hydrangea is interesting, since will form white multi-flower panicles in a couple of months. I love this light bluish-green color on the buds.

I’ve had a half-dozen holly ferns for several years, but I don’t remember noticing their new growth in the spring. These fiddleheads have popped up recently which will unfurl into new fronds. Some ferns have edible fiddleheads, but I don’t think I ought to try these.

The backyard lawn needs some serious attention, since a host of weedy plants have taken over the grass. The flowers from some of these thugs are pretty. Above you see: wild onions, spiderwort, common violets, and white violets. I know that environmentalists frown upon use of chemicals to control weeds, and they have suggested homeowners give up the idea of picture-perfect lawns. For a few days, I entertained the thought of calling it my “wildflower meadow,” but that really isn’t the answer. Since my husband isn’t able to do much yardwork anymore, I’m looking into some professional help.

Last summer, I wasn’t happy with my bigleaf French hydrangeas behind the storage building. The leaves didn’t look healthy, and there weren’t as many blooms as usual, so I decided to prune them back hard last week. I took out a lot of the oldest inner canes that were dead anyway. There’s a lot of new green growth coming out, but since I think it blooms on last year’s stems, I may not have many blooms this year. If it makes a healthier plant, it will be worth it.

Last week one friend’s daughter had a miscarriage, and another friend found out she will be having her 11th grandchild. Death is strong, but life is a much more powerful force.

The apostle Paul said in 1st Corinthians 15:26 “The last enemy to be destroyed is death.”

This spring, celebrate life. Celebrate Jesus who overcame death for us. We long for the Day of death’s final defeat.

Shalom, Dottie

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