Lenten Photo-a-day Challenge Week 2


This word brings to mind the Transfiguration of Jesus. It is also reminiscent of Moses’ face after his encounter with God on Mount Sinai.

Have you ever met anyone who had “a look about them,” a glow of peace or joy that could only have been a result of their spending time with the Lord in prayer and worship? Not to the degree of Moses or Jesus, but can a relationship with God change the way someone looks or the way we perceive their spirit?

Conversely, are there others who seemed to have a darkness about them, reflecting the state of the spirit within them?

Perhaps you might think of people you’ve met who exemplify both of these examples. Can you remember a scripture or two that might back this up?


 Often used to mean honor, respect, praise, giving thanks, or paying tribute to. (regarding a worthy human being or God)

Also describes the splendor, brilliance, magnificence, majesty, and gravitas of God.

Sometimes used as a synonym for heaven or eternity. (“in Glory” or “when I get to Glory.”)

We also hear the word “Glory!” used as an exclamation or interjection, often mockingly.

What is your understanding of this word? How can we get in touch with “glory?” When have you encountered something like this, up-close-and-personal?


Fully conscious. Aware. Alert. Attentive. Vigilant. On guard.

Some of us go through half our lives as if we are sleepwalking. Our focus is so narrow that we miss out on a lot that life offers. As a result, some folks don’t pay attention to real threats and are surprised when adversities catch them off guard.

Can you remember when you “woke up?” Do you have trouble “staying awake?”

I wonder what it will be like to wake up on that day when we will not “see through a glass darkly” anymore.


Have you ever thought about what defines those things we call “good?” Is it simply a matter of opinion? Is it always subject to situation ethics, or is there a fixed reference – a constant that can be our determining standard? 

In what ways has humanity overstepped our bounds in defining what is good and what is not good?


Chosen first by a team captain on the playground vs. being chosen last. Chosen out of many applicants for your dream job. Chosen as Grand Marshall in your community’s parade. Chosen for adoption after waiting to be loved and accepted. Chosen by your true love to be their spouse. Chosen by our Heavenly Father to be part of his great family.

What feelings do these scenarios elicit for you? They may be both pleasant and uncomfortable feelings. What part does your own power of choice play in each one?


Sundays aren’t counted in the forty days of Lent. We set aside our self-examination and the cares of the world to celebrate our resurrection life. How will you celebrate today?


You may have heard the quote, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”  (I’ve seen it attributed to Woody Allen.) 

Someone may tell you a story, but you don’t quite get it. They respond by saying, “I guess you just had to be there.”

Many occasions require our presence:  classes, work settings, volunteer responsibilities, family gatherings.

It is easy for me to underestimate the importance of my presence at social events. I often think it doesn’t matter whether I go or not. But conversely, I realize when I am present, and others aren’t there, I miss them.

During the pandemic, we became comfortable with online church services. And what a blessing to have that available to us. But as things are getting back to normal, have you realized the importance of being present when the doors of your church are open? Is there a synergy associated with participating as one of the members of the body of Christ?

Honestly, what difference does it make whether you are there or not? How are you fulfilling your place and purpose in the body?

As always, I welcome your comments. Until next week, the Lord bless you and keep you.

Shalom, Dottie

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