Six On Saturday: Plus a Couple More

I started my morning walk around the yard, taking my usual route. Not that I always make the circuit from right to left, but Shep seems to prefer this direction. So I started down the narrow path between the nandinas and the flower bed, just past the new wooden gate. I had to move some long-established things before the gate was installed last month because I didn’t want the workers trampling my phlox and daylilies when they put in the new post.

Now I’ve added some new summer phlox varieties and other things. All are coming along nicely, and the transplanted phlox and daylilies are adjusting to their new home. I can’t wait to see how this will look in a few more weeks.

A left turn takes us behind the tool shed and two hydrangeas. Actually, there are three hydrangeas now since one plant propagated itself by layering. I’ve allowed it to root pretty well and need to sever it from the parent to move it to a better spot.

The west border is in transition. The camellia and azaleas have quit blooming, but the gingers are coming up, and some more hydrangeas are just starting to bloom.

When I get down to the patio area, sometimes I sit with my tea, put my feet up, and enjoy the quiet of the morning. Today there’s a little color in the eastern sky, but the sun hasn’t made its appearance over the trees and houses yet.

My backyard has no view of the horizon. I have to drive about 35 miles down to the beach for that. We often have to leave our familiar surroundings to get some perspective, don’t we? This is what 6:30 a.m. looked like as I raised a prayer with a few things on my mind.

When I was ready to continue my walk, I looked at the bed behind the patio. It is starting to look pretty good, but there’s always more that can be done. Next month it should fill out better as the caladiums continue to come up, and the lantana and encore azaleas bloom again. The wilderness of shrubs behind that bed is in desperate need of trimming. I have a high tolerance for the untamed look, but at some point, it needs to be controlled.

My stroll continued across the back border, where the elephant ears are growing quickly now. I recently planted a buddleia (butterfly) bush and some colorful impatience and caladiums toward the middle of this section. The oakleaf hydrangea with large white panicles flanks the other side, and another blue hydrangea is starting to bloom.

But I was distracted when I caught a glimpse of the sun glimmering brightly to my left in the front yard. So I interrupted my route to walk up there to check it out through the double gate. I thought it might be worth a photo or two, but I’d have to catch it quickly to get some good shots.

We only made it halfway around the garden this morning! Of course, I can always make another pass around the backyard later. Then again, there’s always tomorrow.

Happy gardening!

Shalom, Dottie

4 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Plus a Couple More

  1. I can’t help thinking that this is what our mornings are going to look like during the millennial. Our walks through paradise will be interrupted with prompts to stop and pray or to praise as we see the sun rise or set. What a beautiful tour today my friend. Thank you, and it’s great to see that all the transplants are thriving in their new home.

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