Six on Saturday: July Fungi

I’m closing out the month showing a variety of fungi I found during our very wet July. The heat, humidity, and overabundance of rain have provided a welcoming environment.

The different colors and shapes fascinate me. The last time I was in a local bookstore, I picked up a reference book on mushrooms to identify the names and learn a bit more about them. Then I decided, “Nah. I don’t care that much about them.” So I put the book back on the shelf.

I’m sorry I can’t identify each one of these for you, but not sorry enough to do the research.

I like mushrooms on pizza, in stir fry, soups, and in certain chicken dishes. Most of the ones in my yard don’t look very appetizing.

They grow on dead trees and rotting logs and pop up out of the ground. I just assume they all could be poisonous, so I don’t mess with them.

When I worked in Campus ministry at the university, a student offered me some psychedelic mushrooms. Knowing that guy, I had no reason to doubt he had the real deal. Why in the world did he think I’d be interested in trying it? I guess I should be thankful it was a temptation I could easily refuse.

For all I know I could be growing psychedelic mushrooms in my backyard. Maybe I should have bought the book.

Grace and peace, Dottie

2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: July Fungi

  1. Oh my, what I wouldn’t give to see a mushroom sprout up right now. Instead, our ground us sprouting more cracks; some two inches wide and four feet deep (if my tape measure isn’t fibbing). Praying you dry out just a but my friend.

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    • We get too much & you get too little. Seattle may get all the press for greatest US annual rainfall, but we have often beat them for that statistic. And we haven’t entered the tropical storm peak yet! I pray for the windows of Heaven to open upon your area to water your gardens and fields and make the stream beds flow abundantly.

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