It’s overcast outside this morning with a bit of drizzle, but we expect heavier rains later. That’s okay with me since I don’t have to go anywhere. Instead, I’m looking forward to our state’s main college rivalry football game today.

The content from my garden for Six on Saturday is limited to a few spots that I find interesting. Since I haven’t planted winter annuals yet, you’re stuck with a repetition of things I’ve shown before, except for, perhaps, a new camera angle or another bloom on the same plants.

But that’s life anyway, right? Repetition. Replications. Variations on a Theme. Cycles. Seasons. Patterns.

What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.Ecclesiastes 1:9 ESV

The reward (to life or gardening) comes from recognizing those patterns and understanding how to make the most of them. Even the aberrations still fit into the grand scheme of things.

Enough philosophizing. Back to the backyard.

TOP PHOTO. Here are some nandinas with their red berries in the top photo. And you see the forsythia’s yellow autumn leaves peeking from around the corner. In the past couple of days, I’ve finally seen more changing leaves in our area. However, we mostly have evergreens or leaves that turn brown and litter the ground.

SECOND. More white sasanqua blooms are filling this back shrub.

THIRD. The fleshy red tubular flowers on the firespikes give way to little yellow nubs. It reminds me of tiny lit candles up and down the stems.

NEXT. A section of my oakleaf hydrangea has turned to shades of maroon and crimson, but the other half still has green leaves. What’s that about?

FIFTH. My center knockout rose is still blooming.

LAST. This tall bleeding heart vine is really blooming its heart out now.

Thanks for visiting my blog. If I can get to the garden center this week, I hope to have something new to show you in December.

I am truly thankful to live in a climate zone with the potential for flowers 365 days a year, even if there aren’t as many options during the cooler weeks and months. I don’t think I could live up north with snow-covered ground during so much of the winter. I don’t do houseplants well at all!

Blessings, Dottie

Jim Stephens of Garden Ruminations is hosting Six on Saturday now. You can find him here:   He has a good blog too.

2 thoughts on “SIX ON SATURDAY: Repetition

  1. Life, all life, is cyclical in its very nature, isn’t it ma’am? There’s something comforting in knowing that what is to come has occurred in the past, and we have persevered. Deep thoughts this morning my friend. God’s blessings.


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