I must say, if the rest of 2023 continues like these first few weeks, it will be a good year. But “present performance is no predictor of future results,” as an old advertisement said.

I’m getting tired of so many foggy mornings and gray days, but I know spring is coming quickly. We’ve had wide swings in our weather, so my plants are confused from week to week.

The bulbs are beginning to bloom now, and I enjoy bringing a few small bouquets inside. In my next Six on Saturday, I’ll show more of what’s happening in the garden.

I had lunch with friends out on the Causeway in January. The restaurant’s surrounding windows look south toward Mobile bay and east to the battleship USS Alabama and the city skyline.

I went to a couple of movies and two Winter Wednesday programs at Bellingrath Gardens. Throw in a couple of doctor visits and church committees, and it’s been just busy enough to suit me.

Our church has a huge recreation and fitness ministry for the community with various seasonal sports. Each practice and game begins with a prayer and brief devotional. I was privileged to do that one Saturday morning for the players, coaches, and their families.

On some Sundays, I enjoy contemporary worship in that same gym.

On other Sundays, I go to our traditional worship service.

I go to Bible studies two nights per week. On Wednesday at church, we’re just beginning the book of Daniel. (Honestly, I’m glad to be finished with Ezekiel.) On Thursdays, I meet with a beautiful group of ladies at my neighbor’s house. They’re my guinea pigs to hone some group sessions of a Bible study I’m writing. Their feedback is much appreciated!

The teacher for the Wednesday study has recommended we read through the entire Bible in one year. I’ve read all the books of scripture, but never straight through like that. So, I bought a new chronological Bible to contextualize the events. It’s even divided into doable daily readings. I did fine initially, but it all fell apart by the end of January. Consistency has never been my strong suit. I may be a Methodist, but I’m not good at sticking with a “method” for very long.

My husband seems to be doing better these days. Since his head injury and brain surgery in 2020, he has been slow to recover some executive functions. However, adding a couple of new medications has improved his conversational skills, thought processes, and energy level. Thanks be to God!

We recently had our house pressure washed; last week, we replaced our old deck. After twenty-eight years, we certainly got our money’s worth, but it was way past time for a new one.

We are in and out of these foggy mornings. Poor visibility makes traveling the roads a treacherous venture, but I can’t stay home all the time, waiting for conditions to change. It takes some planning and preparation. Courage and caution. Wisdom in my wandering. Sometimes, life is pretty clear, but mostly, this Methodist just muddles through, with God’s help, doing the best she can.

Blessings, Dottie

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