Six On Saturday: Fickle March

Why do we put up with March’s indecision about his identity? Is he winter, or is he spring? From week to week, we never know what’s coming next. But then again, we indulge him, giving some grace. After all, he’s only three.

The banana shrub has a few blooms now, but not enough to perfume the air. If the cold temps would hold off enough to let the buds open together, the back corner would be a delicious temptation.

Near the banana shrub, I’ve let a photinia become totally unruly. With unchecked growth, it has wrapped its lanky limbs around the oak tree. But that brings the spring blooms into full view in a spectacular display.

Continuing up the east side of the yard, I’m thrilled with a little weigela I planted last year. My brother rooted it from one of his shrubs and gave it to me in November of 2021. It has been in the ground for almost a full year but hasn’t grown much. I love these cherry red blossoms, so I hope the shrub is happy in its new home.

Only one of my three blueberries has bloomed, so I’ll have an abbreviated crop again this summer. I severely pruned the other two in the fall of 2021, expecting to lose last year’s fruit. Why didn’t they bloom this year?

If you look closely at the blueberry blossoms, they look like old-fashioned ladies’ “bloomers.” I wonder if that’s where the name came from.

The ornamental crabapple in the front yard has been beautiful, but I didn’t take a picture on a good, bright, blue-sky day for you. Leaves are now forming, and the little white flower petals are floating away on the wind. It looks like snow flurries in our yard, without the slush.

Lastly, I’m calling this little section of a flower bed near the back door my “happy patch.” Pansies, dianthus, snapdragons, and violas brighten up an otherwise drab area waiting for summer perennials to do their job.

A week ago, we had record highs around 80 for a few days. Now, we’re expecting another cold snap next week with near-freezing temperatures. First day of spring? Ha!

No matter the weather, have a wonderful week.

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