SIX ON SATURDAY: Granny’s White Flowers

I’m sure I’ve mentioned several times in this blog that my maternal grandmother loved white flowers. She said she loved to see them shining in the moonlight. Well, I do too. Today I can show you six types of white flowers blooming in my garden, and Granny would be proud.

The top photo is an althea, or as some call it, rose of Sharon. I have this solid white kind and another two-toned purple one. Granny had a white one with a fuchsia center. I’ve seen those in other people’s gardens and wanted to ask for a cutting, but I haven’t so far. This tall white shrub has a long blooming season, well into the summer.

My oak leaf hydrangea has been blooming for two or three weeks. These large panicles can be more than a foot long. My grandmother had a similar white hydrangea she called Sevenbark, but I think it may have been a different type.

These Easter lilies have been blooming for a couple of weeks also. I think I had about eight buds that are just now completing their flowering.

I love this abelia shrub at the corner of my house. Clusters of tiny white trumpets look like miniature Easter lilies.

This white impatience is a serendipity in the garden bed by the back patio. Last year’s annuals must have gone to seed and volunteered in the same spot this spring. Free flowers? I’ll take them!

Finally, my large gardenia by the back fence gate started blooming this week. I noticed the fragrance before I saw the first flowers. As Shep and I make our morning and evening rounds, I catch that nice gardenia aroma a dozen feet away. I haven’t yet, but I plan to bring a little bouquet inside to enjoy the scent in the house.

White flowers gleaming in the moonlight. Both my mother and grandmother gave me my love for flowers. I wish I could show them my garden.

6 thoughts on “SIX ON SATURDAY: Granny’s White Flowers

  1. Like your godly heart Ms. Dottie, beautiful and delicate. So enjoy the visits to your garden ma’am. Pretty sure you’re going to be heaven’s horticulturist.

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  2. I like the idea of a white garden. The ancients in Pompey put white stones in the floor of their houses to be able to find their way at night. This may have been common practice in other locations.

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