Six on Saturday: The Gulf Coast’s Six Seasons

Today is Saturday, March 6. Quick! Tell me in what season we are now. Astute thinkers might ask first, “Are you speaking of the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere?” Ok. That does make a difference, but I’m in the northern hemisphere. The discerning reader might note that although the vernal equinox won’t be here for … Continue reading Six on Saturday: The Gulf Coast’s Six Seasons

Black History Month: Hidden History

During the years that I worked as an elementary school counselor for a Mississippi school district, I attended many Black History Month programs.  The community was 70% African-American. Year after year, the same handful of famous faces were highlighted in presentations, on bulletin boards, and for student writing assignments. Don’t get me wrong, I learned … Continue reading Black History Month: Hidden History

Six by Six on Saturday: Camellias

Thirty years ago, I was Wesley Foundation Director for the United Methodist campus ministry at the University of South Alabama. Since 1913, Methodists have served students at many state universities across the United States, Canada, and the U.K. Of course, many other denominations and para-church organizations have campus outreach as well. I have fond memories … Continue reading Six by Six on Saturday: Camellias