On the Shelf

The past two weeks proved to be a wonderful, interesting time for me. I felt impressed to take a break from Twitter since that's the only social media I do unless you count this blog. I know Twitter has a bad reputation: "cesspool," "bullying," "unwholesome content," "vicious comments." I see that kind of stuff is … Continue reading On the Shelf

Six on Saturday: April 2, 2022, Quick Six

In today's Quick Six collage, I've chosen all pale or whitish flowers. TOP ROW: 1. Kureme Azalea, Christmas Snow 2. Buds on Michelia, Banana Shrub 3. Photina blossoms BOTTOM ROW: 4. My neighbor's spectacular cherry tree 5. Indica Azalea, Mrs. G.G. Gerbing 6. Encore Azalea, Autumn Angel Shalom, Dottie