Dry Creek Beds

On a recent visit to a lovely urban park, filled with dozens of bronze statues, I saw this artificial creek, used as a setting for one of the art pieces. Varying sizes of rocks are placed to show the meandering pattern of a stream. It ended in an area of lush grass that I, unfortunately … Continue reading Dry Creek Beds

Change of Seasons

September is finally here, as we begin the last third of 2019.  I won’t keep you long today, since it’s a holiday – Monday, September 2. Labor Day. You could say this day begins the “holiday season.” From now until the end of the year, it’s one holiday after another. Store shelves are displaying fall … Continue reading Change of Seasons

Labor Day Weekend

As I write this today, it’s the Friday that starts Labor Day Weekend. Most people don’t consider this a major holiday, but a long weekend is always welcomed. Since our culture and families build traditions into these yearly mile markers, the familiar elements of Labor Day are no exception. It’s a day off from work … Continue reading Labor Day Weekend