Joyful Pruning

My garden is requiring a lot of my attention lately, and that’s fine with me. Spring clean-up can either be a chore or a joy, depending on my attitude. This year, I’m finding most of the tasks to be a joyful process. One task I’m enjoying is pruning the hydrangeas, roses, and a few other … Continue reading Joyful Pruning

Six on Saturday: The Gulf Coast’s Six Seasons

Today is Saturday, March 6. Quick! Tell me in what season we are now. Astute thinkers might ask first, “Are you speaking of the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere?” Ok. That does make a difference, but I’m in the northern hemisphere. The discerning reader might note that although the vernal equinox won’t be here for … Continue reading Six on Saturday: The Gulf Coast’s Six Seasons


I’ve got nothing today. I usually write these blog posts on Monday, which gives me some time to polish them up a bit. Sometimes a bright idea strikes me over the weekend, but nothing has inspired me for today’s post. If I were a church sign, I’d be blank this week since I’ve got nothing … Continue reading Perfectionism