Blue Lake Christian Writers Retreat

I recently attended the Blue Lake Christian Writers’ Retreat for the third year in a row.  In my first year I was overwhelmed with information, but excited about entering a new field.  Last year, I absorbed more and met several of my goals..  This year’s retreat helped me to clarify my purpose and direction.  It was not so much about the technical aspects as much as building on the foundations of my commitment to the Lord, and His call on my life to write.

What a blessing to meet some wonderful people at various stages of their journey.  Newbies find a warm welcome and a solid start.  Seasoned writers say they are still learning too and offer helpful insights to others. The faculty of publishers, authors, and editors is professional and encouraging.  Worship, led by Lynn DeShazo, is uplifting and keeps us mindful of why we come.  Marilyn Turk, our founder and director, is a brave woman who steps out in faith to put this retreat together and prayerfully believes God will show up.  And He does.

If you are a Christian writer who could benefit from some inspiration and a little time away to hone your craft, I recommend you visit the web site Next year’s dates are March 25 – 28, 2020.  It is held in the Conecuh National Forest of South Alabama at Blue Lake Camp, just south of Andalusia. 

Hope to see you there,


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