Watching the Wake

Going Forward, Looking Behind

In my first post, I stated my intention of posting at least once a month.  So much for good intentions.  You may have heard that saying, “We plan.  God laughs.”   Actually, following up on plans has never been one of my strengths.  I’m more of a seat-of-the-pants kind of person.  It makes for a more exciting and surprising life.  However, the consequences aren’t always like I’d like them to be.  At least I don’t fall for the illusion of thinking I’m in control – unless I forget.

I’ve read that a Hebraic mindset tends to back into the future, rather than move ahead, face forward.  That’s kind of Biblical too.  God frequently reminded the Israelites to “Remember!”  Conversely, He stated, “Never forget.”  It’s true that when we look back to see how our Heavenly Father has cared for us in the past, it’s easier to know we can trust Him with our future. 

So we move forward with our backs to the future and our eyes watching the wake behind us.That doesn’t mean I don’t make plans.  I just have to remember Who is really in charge of my life.

Shalom,  Dottie

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