Pick Up The Book

Exclusive use of an on-line Bible is like seeing the world through a porthole.

Despite the convenience and variety of translations, there are limitations to those phone-y Bibles. For a quick look-up or if I’m killing time in a waiting room, I’m grateful that technology puts instant access to the Scriptures at my fingertips. 

But for real reading and studying, I need to see the passage on the page. I want to see the physical context of paragraphs or chapters, before and after what I’m reading. I want to see notes in my messy scrawl on the margins. I want to hold my place and flip the pages to a similar cross-reference as I compare and contrast. Sometimes I use both digital and physical at the same time.

The real book feels more real than a digital one. (Who inherits the Kindle books I’ve purchased when I die? Do I include access to my account in my will?)

God speaks through His Word in either form – or on a billboard, or copied into a Tweet, or spoken aloud by broken people. He is faithful.

I want to know this Book as thoroughly as I can.  I’m serious about study. I love having as many tools as I can afford to help increase my understanding. The search helps me know and love the Lord as nothing else can. So pick up that Book and use it.

 I’d love to see Biblical literacy increase among the Body. If ever we needed it, we need it now.

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