Outdoor Art

Today’s post has few words – mostly photos. Artists leave their mark, and patrons make sure it can be shared with the community. Art adds beauty, delight, and a moment to pause, if you take advantage of stopping to notice.

Here are some examples of work by artists along the Gulf Coast. All of these are in very public places where anyone can enjoy them. The mural above is by Moss Point artist Bill Nelson. I’m sorry that I don’t know who most of the other artists are, whose work I’m showing you here.

One of the Mississippi Welcome Centers displays beautiful wood carvings by Marvin and Preston Miller. They are famous for turning 50 dead oaks, destroyed by Hurriane Katrina, into lively art. Many are along Highway 90 through Biloxi-Gulfport.

Not to be outdone, the Alabama Welcome Center at the Ala-Miss state line features relief work in the bricks of the building. The theme of all the art there is coastal life.

Doesn’t this fish invite you to come and have dinner?

I’ve shown other pieces from this sculpture garden in my blog. Most are children, like this bronze paper boy on his bike,

…and these children on a bench. There are around 40 sculptures in this park.

A neighborhood, that used to be a rural area with riding stables, gives a nod to its past in this tiny park.

The grounds around an art museum have several sculptures.

Art does imitate life.

An obscure little downtown corner parking lot features this ambiguous figure. Is it Jesus, or a guy in his bathrobe, holding a quart of milk?

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour.

Shalom, Dottie

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