Six on Saturday: More Review of 2019

Today I’m completing my favorite pictures from 2019, since I couldn’t confine my favorites to just six last week. Even choosing twelve is hard. However, a new year is ahead of us wih great possibilities.

This is a view of the southeast corner of the yard in July. It’s filled with flowering shrubs, but the altheas are the only ones blooming in mid-summer. The brick pathways disappear into my hidden garden room.

Perhaps I should have tidied up for company.

These elephant ears are huge. They’ve been happy in this spot for decades, and are happier when it rains.

I must admit to great envy when I see photos of lovely English cottage gardens and the riot of flowers in wild borders. This sunny spot is the best I can do to pretend I can grow like the Brits.

This little tame bed in the back was manageable in the spring wih begonias and caladiums – until the cardinal spear went wild. It totally took over, but was gorgeous until frost. It feeds hummingbirds before their long travel across the Gulf of Mexico. But, I’ll have to severly divide it this spring.

Ok, next week I’ll share something more current. Our forecast this week calls for rain everyday, but I’m hoping for some time to get out there and do a little weeding.

Have a great week.

Shalom, Dottie

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