Six On Saturday: Azaleas etc.

I’m disappointed with my azaleas’ performance this year. They haven’t made the big “ta-dah!” that they’ve shown in the past. Some haven’t fully bloomed yet, and some have already faded. Well, I’ll share what I’ve got with you because, in the wake of this virus thing, we need some beauty to remind us that all is not lost, and life still goes on.

The first photo is Pride of Mobile. You can see sections of the shrub with uneven blooming.

I have seven or eight of these white Mrs. G.G. Gerbing azaleas. They tend to be a little later than the others, especially in my north-facing front yard.

Above, you see George Lindley Tabor. It isn’t nearly as full as it has been in years past.

The Formosa above was taken at Blue Lake Camp when I attended a Christian Writers’ Retreat last March. I just wanted to show you what an azalea is supposed to look like, instead of mine.

Our retreat this year has been postponed until October due to Coronavirus. I’ll miss seeing their grounds in the spring, but it will still be nice in the fall.

For comparison, look at the blossom colors from the four types I’ve shown you. These are all from my yard this year, so up close, they’re beautiful. The top left is Pride of Mobile. Top right is Mrs. G.G.G. Bottom left is GLT, and bottom right is Formosa. Don’t you love the darker speckled throats?

We used to have wild dogwoods in the wooded area at the back of our property, but I suppose the dogwood blight killed them all. They are such lovely spring flowering trees. I saw this one in town, and had to get a few shots.

Finally, this is our crabapple tree. It has bloomed even more since I took this picture a few days ago. The bees are going crazy out there, and the sweet scent is heavy in the air. As I said in another blog post, this is the only time of year we love this tree. This showy display is what has kept us from cutting it down.

Happy Spring, everyone.

Shalom, Dottie

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