The Scattered Church

These are surreal times in our world. How often have we watched the reports lately and said, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

I try to avoid too much television news but want to stay informed. I think we have what we need at our house to carry on with some normalcy, but I have to admit, it’s pretty scary. We trust those empty shelves will fill up again.

As I was out buying some necessities, I frequently heard people say something about prayer or depending on the Lord. Come on now. Spiritual topics don’t ordinarily come up that often with strangers in the grocery store, even in the Deep South Bible Belt.

  • The cashier at Dollar General asked me to pray for her, as customers are so demanding
  • As a couple put their purchases in the trunk, they said they feel the Lord will use this to get the world’s attention back to Him
  • A lady in the meat department at the grocery store said she is worried about her daughter flying back from Hawaii today, but she believes God’s in control.
  • A man said, “We’ve just got to pray and keep on praying.”
  • And another said, “This may be what we’ve waited for – the trigger for a great revival.”

Even as church buildings are closed to large gatherings, this is the time for the Church, as the scattered Body of Christ, to be what we are meant to be. Those empty pews will fill up again. In the meantime, the Church is not inactive.

We intercede in prayer. We speak of His goodness and grace in spite of hardship. We check on our neighbors and keep in touch with family and friends. We help, and we ask for help. We share in material ways. We do whatever we are good at doing, and sometimes stretch to do what we aren’t so good at doing. We take more opportunity to study His Word and draw closer to Him to listen.

That’s being the Church, especially in extraordinary times.

Shalom, Dottie

One thought on “The Scattered Church

  1. Well said Ms. Dottie. The church is not a building, but a belief. We must each come forward and show the strength of our faith in this world. I pray each Christian remain safe, but also refrain from surrendering to fear. This world cannot harm us in the end. God’s blessings ma’am.

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