Six on Saturday: It’s Officially Spring

The trees are greening up pretty quickly now. The view from our deck is a jillion shades of green, as we look into our woods beyond the fence. My husband said this week, “The Lord must love the color green, since He made so much of it.”

We aren’t venturing out of the yard much, since we’re trying to comply with the social distancing requirements, but when I went out Monday, I saw this wisteria blooming on someone else’s property. It’s lovely – in someone else’s yard. Perhaps I’ll tell you about my experience with it some other time.

Most of the azalea blossoms are fading. It’s a pity their beauty doesn’t last long. I’m glad I have lots of shrubs that stagger the blooming season, stretching it out over several more weeks.

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. – Isaiah 40:8

It’s typical of the frailty of life. Events like this pandemic or other disasters show that we aren’t as powerful as we think we are. We aren’t as smart as we think we are. We aren’t bulletproof, and we don’t live forever.

We bend the knee to the Everpresent One, the eternal, all-powerful Creator who is with us and loves us. Bad things happen, but He is good in the midst of it. His Word gives us anchors to steady us in the storm.

The red-tipped photinas have been blooming for awhile now and are just starting to fade. This one is closer to the fence than the oak you see here, but the branches with blooms reach around the oak trunk to take center stage.

Okay, I know I’ve shown pictures of my favorite camellia a lot on this blog, but I wanted to share one more. There’s a fleeting moment when the buds look very rose-like as they’re opening. Isn’t this pretty?

This flower bed is in transition from annual violas, pansies, and snapdragons to some perennials like Easter lilies and daylilies. The hypoestes survived the winter really well as did the begonias. You English gardeners have convinced me to try dahlias in some blank spots in this sunny border.

In these wierd times, I hope you’re doing well and have the essentials you need for survival and comfort.

Shalom, Dottie

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