Six on Saturday: Constants

In the midst of shattering changes, it helps to look for the constants. I wasn’t going to post a “Six” on this Saturday morning but decided to go ahead with it.

My husband has been out of ICU for almost a week, but still on the Trauma Floor. His head injuries will require a long recovery period, so we’re trying to find an available bed in a local rehabilitation facility. Even under Covid regulations, the hospital has allowed me to spend the day with him as a caregiver, so I’m watching for and noting any progress as I continue to pray.

Amid this change, the garden is one of my constants. I take my morning walk around the yard before leaving for the hospital and again after returning for the evening. I pick a handful of ripe blueberries twice a day.

Daylilies add a little variety in the beds, I’ve forgotten most of their names if I ever knew them.

The rain lilies are fun because of their inconsistency. We had some good showers, so these little pink beauties popped out of the ground.

I bought a couple of flats of herbs and veggies just before the accident. I’m not sure when I’ll get to plant them, but so far, they’re still alive and waiting on me.

I’ve often stated how I love white flowers. This althea shrub is in full bloom. I love these old fashioned plants, and the best thing is they bloom all summer.

Finally, my gardenia is beautiful now, and the heavy scent on this warm, humid morning was heavenly. Heaven-sent. Heaven scent.

You know my faith is of top importance to me. It is the constant in my life that anchors me. I have confidence the God of the Universe is still in charge, even when things look bleak, and that He is personal with us, working only for our good. He is my Rock, my Peace, and my Hope.

The grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.

Shalom, Dottie

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