In the Details: Six on Saturday

It has been a while since I posted a blog. Life’s priorities change sometimes, and we just have to go with it. My husband has made remarkable improvements since he fell in our kitchen back in May. He spent almost a month in two different hospitals following surgery to relieve bleeding and swelling of his brain. He has completed the home-health therapists’ goals for physical and cognitive rehabilitation, but continuing recovery still lies ahead.

As I’m trying to get life back to some kind of normalcy, it continues to be complicated by these Covid-19 challenges. My pastor used the phrase “the new abnormal.” It certainly is.

So, today I’m posting a “Six on Saturday” from my garden. My shady backyard is an escape for me, when it’s not raining or too bloomin’ hot. I have six types of caladiums to share with you, but I apologize for not being able to tell you the variety names.

I had to actually study the details to identify specific differences. That may seem weird to you detail-oriented people, but I’m more of a broad-scope thinker, and I don’t always catch the subtle differences, even when I’m looking at something every day. For instance, the first caladium photo shows large leaves, primarily white, but edged in a good, solid green. The veins are white as well.

This is another large white one, but the veins are green.

This variety has smaller leaves with more green, including the veins.

These lovelies have small, elongated, pointed leaves and can take quite a bit of sunshine. They are white, with white veins, and green edges.

I love these lime green and white caladiums. The splotches of pink and maroon add interest to their little area.

Finally, my favorites are large, white with green veins, and hot pink spots splattered over them. This flower bed also contains two hot pink Encore azaleas and a pink and yellow lantana. I enjoy these by the back patio, under my white crepe myrtles.

In spite of our difficulties and struggles, when we look for the beauty and good around us, it helps keep us moving forward. (see Philippians 4:8)

The peace of God be with you.



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