Six On Saturday: Fall Reds

The Gulf Coast of Alabama may not have much to offer if you’re looking for autumn color in our trees, but the flowers of fall can be pretty spectacular. Today, I’m featuring reds in my yard that are showing now.

This is my first dahlia. Why have I never grown these before? I love the deep crimson petals with splotches of white. (Whispers, “Roll Tide,” just in time for the first University of Alabama football game of the season.)

I took these pictues of cardinal spear a few days before Hurricane Sally hit. They are mangled now, but some spikes still survive for the hummingbirds to enjoy. It is Providential that as the hummingbirds are getting nourishment for their long migration across the Gulf of Mexico, these fleshy flowers are ready for their sojourn here.

Hummingbirds also hover over these red spider lilys, which are continuing to pop up in the garden.

Another favorite feeding station for hummingbirds is this bleeding heart vine. This year, it didn’t seem to have as many flower clusters at the same time, but it has had blooms all summer and should continue until frost.

The fleshy spikes of pinecone ginger, also called shampoo ginger, are turning a brilliant red now. They may be tucked under the tropical leaves, but they can’t hide with that stand-out color.

Finally, this rose bush is having another flush of blooms now. Okay, it’s not red, but pink is in the same color family, isn’t it? And this is the same bush that I’ve shown before, with a limb or two featuring red roses.

Pay no attention to the hurricane debris in the background. We’re still working on the clean-up. This may take awhile.

Remember: God is a good Heavenly Father. He loves you. Call your Dad.

Shalom, Dottie

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