SIX ON SATURDAY: End of March 2021

This week ushered in heavy rain and scattered thunderstorms for part of at least three days. Thankfully, we didn’t have tornados as they did in the other parts of the state. I got a little work done in the yard, but not nearly what it needs.

A new yard guy was supposed to start Tuesday, but the weather put him behind schedule. He can’t come until early next week, so the weeds continue to flourish. I’ll show you my yard pictures, but please forgive the shaggy appearance of everything.

We burned a pile of debris on Monday. As I gathered up limbs, I tucked my favorite gloves under my arm and walked to the pile. As soon as I threw the branches on the fire, I realized my gloves went with them. You can barely see one glove as it burns up. Now I’ll have to break in a new heavy-duty pair.

My azaleas are the stars of the show right now, but they are in limbo between “not in full bloom yet,” and “the rain and wind knocked the blossoms off.”

I have one George Lindley Tabor Indica in the front yard. It’s the only one of that variety.

These Pride of Mobile Indicas are in both front and back yards. The front shrub gets a regular trimming, but the one in the back is on its own.

This picture shows a fuchsia Formosa and a white Mrs. G.G. Gerbing behind it. I allow these to grow to their natural height. They took a beating from our two hurricanes last fall, but they will fill-out again with time.

The original foundation plants at the front of the house were Mrs. GGG. They have survived these forty years, despite constant trimming into a neat but unnatural rectangle shape.

Out of my thirty-one azaleas, nine are white, representing Indica, Encore, and Kurume varieties.

The final picture is a comparison of blooms from five types of my eleven pinkish shades of azaleas. I don’t mind the clashing colors at all.

The two red varieties are fading but have been lovely. In another few weeks, my nine Gumpo azaleas called Frosted Orange will bloom.

Almost everyone’s yard all around our area is filled with colorful azaleas. In fact, native Mobilians claim to have been conceived under these shrubs. Spring does have its effect on one’s romantic nature, and the impact of the mass plantings is stunning. It may be even better than seeing homes decorated with beautiful Christmas lights. Nothing else compares with these big old gaudy beauties, but it’s a brief showing for only two to three weeks in the spring.

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. –Isaiah 40:8 

Shalom, Dottie

Thanks again to The Propagator @Cavershamjj for his Six on Saturday idea. His blog is also at WordPress.

4 thoughts on “SIX ON SATURDAY: End of March 2021

  1. That’s a pretty darn impressive set of flowers! Looks like spring is starting early in your garden.
    I hope your new gloves are even better than the previous pair! What’s your favorite memory with the old gloves?


    • Thanks. Spring does start early on the Gulf Coast. (A couple of weeks ago I posted about our 6 seasons.) Those gloves were pliable, but tough. I could grab a handful of stickers without getting stuck. Thanks so much for reading my blog and commenting. I really appreciate it.


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