Dinner in the Garden

The weatherman said to expect a cold front next week that will bring cooler temperatures to our area. I got excited about daytime highs predicted to be in the lower 80s. I’m more excited about lows in the upper 60s. That may motivate me to spend some mornings in the garden.

The hummingbirds are really active these days. This is their last chance to get nourishment before their migration further south. There are several plants in our yard that they seem to favor, and get pretty possessive about. This cardinal spear is one of them.

The butterfly gingers have a few final blooms for this season. I’m going to have to thin these out, since they’re becoming invasive in some areas.

We like to watch the hummingbirds from our deck. This bleeding heart vine is planted on a south-facing wall, blooming profusely now, and is close enough for us to hear the hummingbirds chatter around it. It may be too close, since they buzz past our faces on their way to another place to feed.

Finally, I wanted to share my lycoris with you. They’re also known as spider lilys or hurricane lilys. These bulbs are from generations past that came from my grandmother’s garden, and who knows where before that. They’ve multiplied, been separated, shared, and moved many times over, but they really bloom best when they’ve become a bit crowded. That makes for a more beautiful display, and a grander spread for hummingbirds and bees.

So, think about the church and re-read that last paragraph. Isn’t that a great analogy? The body of Christ is resillient. In spite of our dying back and separations, we have multiplied, moved, and spread out. We have been poured out and shared. We function best a bit crowded, moving in closer together, so that we actually touch one another. We are here to nourish the hungry world with the good news of the Word, and also with a casserole or two. And it’s beautiful.

Shalom, Dottie

4 thoughts on “Dinner in the Garden

  1. Your garden is beautiful! My parents have a few hummingbird feeders. When my husband and I stayed with them recently, I saw a few squabbles between birds. You make a good point about church and the lycoris. God bless.

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